Steve J Larsen

            Coaching From Steve...

            Looking To Get Your Business Off The Ground With Coaching?...

            "Where Can I Get Coaching From Steve?!" 
                   -Go Here To Get Coaching
                   -If No Spots Available You Will Be Added To The List

            What's Included In Steve's Coaching?
            • One on One 30 Min Session over Zoom
            • Access to be able to Voxer Steve when you need some Expert Coaching
            • Get Spot Checks from Steve as you need.

            What To Expect On The 30 Min Session On Zoom...
            1. He'll go over your business and sales funnel to see your pages and processes
            2. Give you direction on your funnel throughout the process
            3. Point out ways to increase conversion through simple tweaks
            4. The recording will be posted to the Secret Facebook Group for others to learn from (and so you can learn from others!)

            Rules Of Engagement...
            1. Voxers need to be kept under a minute and a half... (shorter messages force clarity...)
            2. Only 10 People are allowed into the Coaching Program at a time...
            3. If you decide to end your coaching with Steve, your spot will be given to the next person in line...
            4. Payment for your coaching from Steve is due 3 days in advance of the next billable month...

            Updated: 07 Mar 2018 02:07 AM
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