Steve J Larsen

            Do I need to provide a tax form and payment information for Stephen's affiliate program if I already did it for Clickfunnels?

            Stephen's affiliate program is completely separate/different than the Clickfunnels affiliate program.  They both require their own tax forms, their own payment gateways, and pay out their own affiliate commissions, and are in no way related.

            Even though Stephen's programs are hosted inside of the Clickfunnels platform, Stephen's affiliate program is a completely different entity than Clickfunnels, and Clickfunnels has their very own affiliate program. 

            If you sign up to promote Stephen's products, you will need to:
            •       Complete the W-9 tax form inside of the affiliate center (even if you already provided one to Clickfunnels)
            •       Set up payment information (i.e. Paypal) inside the affiliate members area in order to get paid by Stephen (even if you already provided that same information to Clickfunnels)

            Also, the tax form MUST BE HANDWRITTEN AND SIGNED.  We will not accept the signature line typed in.  This will require you to print out the form, SIGN IT, scan it, and then send it back to us. 

            Updated: 10 Oct 2018 11:51 AM
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